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Kids Classes

What are the potential benefits of Taekwondo for children?

  • Physical fitness and weight control.

  • Improved concentration and focus.

  • Learning respect for others.

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Self-defense


All while the Kids have fun!


The goal of our children's class is to provide a martial arts education in the traditional sense. This means a focus on personal development with emphasis on body and mind. Martial arts when practiced correctly provide a child with "life skills".


Our Tae Kwon Do tenets COURTESY, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, SELF CONTROL and INDOMITABLE SPIRIT are the backbone of our school's philosophy. We aim to incorporate this ideals into our training and daily life. The students in our children's program are constantly reminded of the importance of this philosophy.


It's great to see fit children. One of the biggest benefits of taekwondo for children is that the kids enjoy the physical exercise. They exercise their whole body and gain all-round physical fitness.


Children in taekwondo get physically and mentally stronger. Being fit and gives kids a positive body image. Learning to face confrontation develops self-esteem and self-confidence.  Taekwondo isn't just a physical training. It’s mental training.


They learn about self-control and they learn from great role models. Fit, healthy, controlled taekwondo instructors and senior students.


Taekwondo kids learn complicated movements. Which help their concentration and memory plus they learn to coordinate their bodies. Children in taekwondo learn discipline; they gain the self-discipline to keep going when training is tough.


There is great emphasis on respect and courtesy. Taekwondo kids learn to respect their instructors. Respect each other and in time they learn to respect themselves. They learn to be polite to everyone. Even people they may not like. Which we think is a great skill for them to take with them into adult life.


Kids also learn the power of perseverance. They learn that if something is difficult but worth achieving they have to keep trying. They learn to pick themselves up and try again and again.


The sense of achievement and pride is fantastic to see on their smiling faces! It's a great boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem. We've seen children become more sure of themselves; to gain the confidence to speak in front of the class or perform a difficult pattern in front of a grading panel.


We teach your child the awareness they need to keep them out of trouble and self-defense techniques so they can defend themselves if they need to. We talk about how taekwondo training can help your to think straight under pressure.


Over time we've seen taekwondo kids develop into calm, self-assured young people.

TaeKwonDo School in NY
TaeKwonDo School in NY
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