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Adult Classes

What are the benefits of Taekwondo for Adults?

Our adult class provides the adult student with a multitude of benefits reaped from proper instruction and motivation. Taekwondo is a great way to develop physical fitness, self-defense skills, focus, concentration and confidence. The lessons learned in class will enhance the student's everyday life experiences.


Do you find exercise tough? Do you plan to get fitter?


Do you start off enthusiastic? Join a gym or start classes? Then find it a real struggle to motivate yourself. One of the benefits of taekwondo is that our students have never enjoyed exercise so much!


Can you touch your toes? One of the benefits of taekwondo training is improved flexibility. Stretching is an integral part of every training session. We have found taekwondo stretching tough but the results are great.


Do you have strong core muscles?  Put simply, your core muscles are important muscles that support your back, shoulders and pelvis. Good core strength leads to good posture (standing and sitting tall and upright). And helps to prevent and control back problems. One of the benefits of taekwondo is that it strengthens your core muscles.


Would you like to be more confident in yourself? The nurturing environment of our classes will build your self-confidence slowly but surely. Having self-confidence is a great thing in life. Plus if you train as a family it's lovely to stand back and watch self-confidence grow in your child!

TaeKwonDo School in NY
TaeKwonDo School in NY
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