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Family Classes

What are the benefits of Taekwondo for your family?

"The family that kicks together sticks together"!


Our family class provides parents, children and siblings the opportunity to have fun together while working toward the common goal of self-improvement. This class sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle shared by all family members.


We think the key is finding something everyone wants to do together and can do together.


Taekwondo is a family fitness program like no other! 


Training includes


  • Aerobic exercise which is great for all round fitness and keeps your heart healthy.

  • Anaerobic exercise which strengthens your body.

  • Stretching to keep your body flexible and help prevent injury.

  • Learning sequences of moves to sharpen your mind and improve you co-ordination.

  • Learning to defend yourself against attack.



The all-round physical and mental fitness you will enjoy from our taekwondo training is like nothing like you have experienced before. It brings your family a sense of enormous wellbeing. Your family will train and get fit side by side.  


If you were playing soccer or tennis together the differences in size, speed, ability and strength would be a big problem. But in taekwondo people of all shapes, sizes and ages can train together in the same lesson


Develop a healthy respect for each other and strengthen family bonds...taekwondo is  physically and mentally a challenge. The good news is that if you take on this challenge as a family you will develop a huge respect for each other. This mutual respect deepens family bonds...there's nothing like going through something tough together to strengthen relationships.


Training with other martial arts families opens the door to great new friendships.  We have trained and met some wonderful taekwondo families over the years. The environment is nurturing, caring and healthy.  


Form a positive family fitness lifestyle and something to do together for life. In taekwondo there is never an end, there is always a new challenge.  There is always something to learn and another way to grow as a family

TaeKwonDo School in NY
TaeKwonDo School in NY
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