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Annoucements & Events

Dear Scalise Taekwondo Family:

I trust this message finds everyone safe and healthy. Based on recent announcements from government officials, we could see limited reopening of business soon.

To prepare for the reopening of the school, we will be hosting two virtual sessions per week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30PM.  These will be hosted on Facebook Live to anyone who is “following “or “liked” the Scalise Taekwondo Facebook page.  This is located at:

I will post the events on Facebook, the school web site plus send out reminder emails.

During these sessions we will focus on the “the basics”. Taekwondo, like all martial arts, is built around its basics, we will practice our forms, stances, footwork and techniques such as kicks, punches and blocks. Skill is built through repetition and we can continue to restore the basics and prepare for the dojang to be open for live classes.

Many people have asked me how should I practice Taekwondo during these times?  While there is no substitute for regular class participation to keep you on the right track under supervision from your instructors, working out at home will help the student with kicking, hand techniques and pattern training.


Please keep checking our Facebook page or web site for additional information.  Continue to be cautious and follow the guidelines our health officials have recommended to stay healthy.


Looking forward to training and seeing everyone soon.


Master Pat Scalise

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